Saturday, June 27, 2009

Egg on my face....

I had begun to implement my plan of cutting pieces from my remaining sky-blue fabric to sew onto the bottom of my (too-short) mantion in progress.

My plan was to sew an edge of the remaining fabric onto the end of the mantion, then cut the piece free at a suitable length, then repeat with a similar edge, until I had sewn strips to the entire semicircular hem of the mantion. The pieces would be overlapped so I could sew them to each other later.

Except...I screwed up, and accidentally cut a good-sized rectangular chunk out of the mantion instead. :-(

So unless I want to try to make a patchwork mantion out of irregular pieces of different sizes, I need to start over, from scratch, with other fabric. And if I'm doing that, I may as well buy a three-yard piece and do it right, after all. Sigh.

I didn't want to buy three more yards of the sky blue wool which sells for $14 per yard. Fortunately, I found, and have just bought, three yards of royal blue, coatweight wool on EBay that is significantly cheaper in cost. Unfortunately, I can't use the dark blue dupioni to trim royal blue wool, since the dupioni is dark enough that it wouldn't contrast with the wool, and it's a duller shade that wouldn't look well. So I figure I'll cut the already sadly butchered sky-blue wool into strips and use it to trim the cloak instead. A narrow sky blue border on royal blue wool should look very nice indeed.

In the meantime, I've gone back to working on my Hedeby apron dress, since I'm not ready to cut the fabric for the himation just yet.

UPDATE (6/29/2009): The royal blue wool arrived today! I think this will all work out.

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