Monday, June 22, 2009

Sewing for Byzantium--Cutting the Mantion

Remember when I said that I didn't need to post about the design of my mantion because "it's just a semicircle"?

Well, it appears that I was wrong.

You see, I bought only two yards of 58-inch fabric. This is, indeed, enough to cut a semicircular cloak for a person as short as me--but only if you don't mind that your cloak only comes down to your upper thigh. So, I cheerfully cut a semicircle of that size from my cloth.

Unfortunately, it appears that while Byzantine men wore cloaks that short, their women didn't. The mantion should come down to mid-calf, or at least close to that.

So now I need to figure how I can cut the remaining wool into pieces and sew them onto the semi-circular bottom of my cloak-to-be to make it mid-calf length. I think I actually have enough fabric, barely. But cutting and sewing it so that the result drapes reasonably well--that may be a challenge.

I intend to try, though. The wool, though not as expensive as it might have been, was expensive enough that I really don't want to go back and buy three more yards just so I can cut a calf-length semi-circular cloak the easy way. We will see whether I succeed.

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