Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sewing for Byzantium--Fabric for my Mantion

The sky blue wool from which I plan to make my mantion arrived today. A quick photo of it appears on the left. Right by it is a photo of the dark blue silk dupioni I plan to use as trim. It was difficult to photograph because of the way it reflects light, but I think I've at least shown the color contrast and the quality of the hue, even though the actual color is much darker than the photograph shows.

Meanwhile, my savanion is nearly finished. I expect to be able to complete it soon, and then learn to wrap it well enough that I won't be embarassed to post the photographs I'm planning to have my husband take of me wearing it. :-)

EDIT: The design of the mantion doesn't really merit a separate post. It's just going to be a semicircle of fabric, with a notch cut for the neck, bound all around the edges with strips of the dupioni, with two small loops sewn on opposite sides of the front opening, at chest level, so that I can use a brooch to fasten it.

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