Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Medieval Clothing and Textiles 5

One book that I have forgotten to mention in my last few posts about new books is Volume 5 of Medieval Clothing and Textiles, which has recently been released.

Medieval Clothing and Textiles is an annual journal edited by Robin Netherton and Gale Owen-Crocker featuring scholarly articles on various aspects of medieval costume and textiles and book reviews of new books covering similar subjects. Each year's volume is published as a hardcover volume by Boydell and Brewer in the UK.

Because MC&T includes within its scope topics involving the entire European Middle Ages, some volumes are likely to be of greater interest to some researchers and costumers than others. However, I have found that the articles in MC&T that do interest me are very interesting indeed. The Boydell & Brewer site has an articles list for each of the volumes; I would recommend that any costumer interested in the subject listed consider obtaining a copy of the relevant volume, either by purchase or inter-library loan.

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