Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Virtues of Writing Down Your Projects List

One of the features about this blog that I really like is that I can have a little section of the sidebar in which to list my sewing projects for the year, and mark their status.

I was looking at my projects list for 2009, and noticed, to my surprise, that I have completed five projects already this year: the Byzantine tunic, the two-piece apron dress, the savonion, my Viking sewing box, and now, the wool Hedeby dress. At least one more project (the mantion is well underway, and likely to be completed before the end of September, if not before. At this rate, the only projects I'll still have outstanding at the end of 2009 are the ones that have been outstanding for years. :-)

I find it encouraging to see how much I have accomplished since the first of the year. It also makes me very happy.

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