Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick Progress Report on the Mantion

I have just finished sewing down strips of sky blue wool all around the outside edge of my mantion, and sewn on loops for the brooch that will fasten it. Once I've stitched down the strips on the inside of the mantion, it will (finally!) be complete.

The mantion is still significantly shorter in the back than on the sides or in front, but that effect can be modified by how I settle it over my shoulders, both before and after pinning. For all I know, that may even be a period effect--I need to go look at some artwork to check.

It's coming out well. There will be pictures when it's done.

In a side note, I'm trying to decide whether I will use one of my round Viking brooches to close it, or whether I will try to find a Byzantine design. So far, I have had no luck in doing so. Perhaps one of the Norman designs from Raymond's Quiet Press wouldn't look too out of place. I was thinking that this one might be appropriate. Any thoughts on that, anyone?

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