Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Costs of Textile Transport

Last week, I ordered a set of swatches, including diamond twill swatches, from Naturtuche. During that e-mail conversation, I asked about shipping costs.

It turns out that it will cost me 16,49 Euros (about $24.50 USD) to have up to two kilograms of fabric shipped to the US. The website says that the undyed diamond wool twill weighs about 270 g per meter. So two meters would weigh 540 g, or about half a kilogram. Still, I'd be paying nearly $25 USD for the shipping alone, on top of the 22,99 Euros (about $34 USD) per meter of fabric.

That's nearly $100 USD for two meters of wool just to make the most expensive apron dress I would ever have had--and that's before dyeing the fabric, assuming that I have the nerve to decide to do so.

At that price, I would be terrified to cut the stuff, let alone dye it--and I see no point in buying diamond twill if I'm not going to try out some fitted designs.

I need to think some more about this, and get shipping cost information from the other dealers.

EDIT: I have made small changes in the above text to make it read closer to what I meant to say, the biggest of which was to correct my comment about the price of the Naturtuche diamond twill from "over $100 USD" (with shipping) to "nearly $100 USD" (with shipping). Mental arithmetic, unfortunately, is not one of my more solid skills. :-)


  1. Unfortunately, shipping over the Pond tends to be pricey. If that is any consolation for you: it's not better if you are sitting at the other end and try to get stuff from the States - because while the USD is quite low at the moment, shipping costs from companies in the states to Germany tend to be higher than the other way round...

  2. Most of the items I have previously ordered from Europe were small and light, so shipping wasn't much of a problem. But fabric (especially wool) can be heavy--and that's where shipping costs really start to pile up.

    I'm in no hurry; I can afford to price shop indefinitely and who knows? By the time I make a decision, prices might come down! :-)

  3. Thanks for mentioning Neulakko! I sure hope to get back on google listings sometime soon, but thanks to being mentioned I hope that my readers will find the site anyway. :)

    Have you had a look at the diamond twills from Handelsgillet? (A swedish online store) see

    I ordered some a couple of years ago. Really nice fabric- and the diamonds are somewhat smaller than in the naturtuche one.

  4. Elina, you're very welcome!

    I wrote to Handelsgillet at about the time I posted this entry. Hopefully, they will be willing to send me samples too.