Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Late Additions to the Book List

Today, I was looking through Amazon to see whether I could find any costume-related books that were published in 2009 that I had missed. 

To my surprise, I found two; one that I may buy eventually and another on which I'll likely pass.  The one I'll pass is written in Persian and English.  It is called An 8,000 History of Persian Costume, and even the used copies are selling for over $100 USD. I would probably find it fascinating, but there are costume-related subjects that are dearer to my heart (and less punishing on the wallet) right now.

The other is by Lou Taylor, and is a general, worldwide history of mourning costume that apparently is a reprint of an older work. The new hardcover edition of this book, like the Persian costume history, sells for over $100 USD, but a $39 USD paperback edition is also now available (as is a $31.20 USD e-copy for the Kindle).

I was tempted to put it out of mind, but the reviewers of this work on Amazon may yet lead me to change my mind. One said, in part:

My school library has a copy of this book and if I wasn't so moral I would steal it.

The other reviewer was just as emphatic:

I've researched Victorian mourning and funeral customs for nearly 20 years and this is the quintessential guide, the best book on the subject I have found (and that was not easy, as it is out of print). Although written and published in England about the customs followed there, it offers the most complete and concise review of the subject that I have ever found. It is a must-have for anyone researching this subject and you will be lucky to get your hands on a copy.

I have added both to my "new costume books" list in the sidebar; this post is simply to draw people's attention to them, as they may be of greater value to my readers than they are to me. Still, both look very interesting.

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