Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LIthuanian Shawl Update

Remember my 10th century Lithuanian shawl? The item that's supposed to complete my (roughly) 10th century Lithuanian costume? The one that hasn't been touched in three no, four no wait, how many? years?

I'm still not clear how I'm going to get brass rings onto it, but tonight I started implementing my idea for putting fringe on the narrow ends. I think it will look rather nice, even though it is a bit of a kluge. (But then, this project dates to the time when I was still doing most of my costuming with a sewing machine--to resume it now and expect it to look 100% authentic is unrealistic).

There will be photographs when there's some reasonable-looking progress, which may be in a few days.


  1. Hei,

    I'm intrested if you have finished this lithuanian costume. as I am lithuanian ir would be interesting for me to see, what has happened :)
    and if you'd like i could send some more info about studies done on costume reconstruction.i suppose i have something in english.
    could you tell me your email?

    best regards,

  2. Hi, Greta! Thanks for your comment.

    No, I'm afraid I haven't finished my costume. The shawl is the last bit I had to complete. I haven't gotten to do any real sewing this year so far, unfortunately. When I do finish it, I'll post photographs--I promise!

    I would be delighted to receive information about early Lithuanian costume reconstruction (even though it will reveal just how much I got wrong...) My e-mail address is cathy at thyrsus dot com. Thanks!