Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Anglo-Saxon Cyrtel

I haven't been doing much of anything costume-related recently, but tonight in reading my e-mail I was reminded of an excellent site by a woman who made her own Anglo-Saxon kirtle, starting by dyeing and spinning the thread to weave the fabric. Her website has long since been defunct, but it is possible to find the pages on the Wayback Machine.

If you go to her first page as preserved on the Wayback Machine, here, and after that proceed from page to page using the internal links on the pages, you should be able to read all of the text. Unfortunately, many of the pictures no longer manifest.

If this talented woman (whose name is Joy Cain) ever finds a new home for her website, I will gladly post the new link. Her report of this project is very worthwhile reading.

EDIT (3/29/2013): Joy has started a new blog, and has reposted this project on it. Start here to read it in a nicer format, with all the pictures.

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