Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lithuanian Costume Calendar--Photos!

I still haven't gotten to sit down and admire my new Lithuanian Costume Calendar.  Instead, I hurried outside so that I could take some representative photographs of a few interesting pages before dusk (I can't take good photographs of them indoors because the flash creates reflections that obliterate some of the detail in the images). The images may not appear to be perfectly rectangular because the calendar was mailed rolled-up in a box, and it's still flattening back out. 

Viking era costume, full length
Viking era costume, back of page

The full-length photograph, for May, is a Viking period costume.  On the back of the page are a series of inset photographs showing portions of the costume in more detail. There is also a summary page that shows smaller images of both the male and female costumes for each era, with commentary in both Lithuanian and English. I have provided a photograph of that entire page, plus a photograph of the part of the page with the Viking period costumes, for easier readability.

Summary page, Viking and Early Medieval sections
Summary page from calendar
If only the calendar gave bibliographic references, it would be perfect.  It does give credits for who made the costume recreations.  I shall have to look at that  information in greater detail.

The photographs should be clickable for size, but that's not working for some reason (it's not working right for photographs I posted earlier on other blog entries either). I apologize for that.  Here is a link you can use to see these photos zoomed up a bit; that will make most of the text readable.

I'm finding these images fascinating, though none of them bear a great resemblance to the images from Regina Volkaite-Kulikauskiene's book (or the costume I was trying to make based on that book).  I expect I'll finish the costume anyway--costume recreation is a moving target, after all.  I have a post planned about that costume, when I get a bit farther along on my work on the shawl for it. 

Note:  The text background on all of these pages should be white, not blue; the color is probably caused by the fact that these photos were taken near the end of the day when the sunlight was starting to fade.


  1. Hi, can you please let me know where you got this calendar? I must have one! I have a fair size collection of books about Lithuanian National Costume and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the information you've found. You can contact me via my website


    1. Visit Daiva Steponavičienė is an author of all these costumes and the calendar. Danutė Keturakienė is only a wiever of textile in this project, she's not an archeologist.

    2. Thanks for the information about Ms. Steponavičienė.

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    I got the calendar from If you're in the US, they charge $25.00 plus $3.95 shipping.

    I would be delighted to discuss the books you have and will keep your website in mind. Thanks.

  3. It seems to be sold out. Does it list a publisher? I will see if one of my friends from Vilnius can find a copy for me. I'd love to hear from you in email to talk about Lithuanian national costume. I may even have some sewing patterns in my collection!

  4. I actually found the original publisher before I found that was carrying it. The publisher is Lietuvos Liaudies Kultūros Centras. You can get their contact information, and (if you read Lithuanian) more information about the calendar here:

  5. Fabulous, thanks. I know this place and have met some of the people who work there. I will definitely track this down, unfortunately when things sell out in Lithuania they don't always reprint in a timely manner and there is probably no reason to reprint a calendar anyway. Thanks again!