Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Eye Candy

I just found this soon-to-be-published book on Amazon:
100 Dresses: The Costume Institute / The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yale University Press (Nov. 1, 2010).
As the title implies, the book is dedicated to presenting photographs (presumably color) of 100 dresses in the Met's collection. The official product description on the Amazon page for the book notes:
Ranging from the buttoned-up gowns of the late 17th century to the cutting-edge designs of the early 21st, the dresses reflect the sensibilities and excesses of each era while providing a vivid picture of how styles have changed—sometimes radically—over the years. A late 1600s wool dress with a surprising splash of silver thread; a large-bustled red satin dress from the 1800s; a short, shimmery 1920s dancing dress; a glamorous 1950s cocktail dress; and a 1960s minidress—each tells a story about its period and serves as a testament to the enduring ingenuity of the fashion designer’s art.
If these clothing periods appeal to you, you may want to consider picking up a copy. The Amazon book is a paperback edition and is being sold for a modest price (less than $20 USD).

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