Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Update

Happy Holidays, one and all!

Today, I am recovering from a bout of what was either a bad stomach virus or food poisoning (yes, sadly, I was sick over Christmas, alas).  So while I am taking it easy, I'm updating my list of new costume-related books for 2011.  This year, it seems as though all of the costume-related books to be scheduled for publication in 2010 actually published within the year, except maybe Else Østergård's Medieval Garments Reconstructed, but since I know of some folks who have received a copy of that book already, I am going to omit it from the 2011 list.  If any of you know of a good costume-related book that's in the works and scheduled for publication in 2011, please send me the information and I'll post it here--even if it's not in English.

My new tablet weaving "loom"
As for Christmas presents, I got a number of fun things, most of which were not related to costume at all.  The only costume-related item is this one.  What's this?  Well, it's a simple "loom" for doing tablet-weaving, which my thoughtful sister-in-law selected from my Universal Wish List on Amazon and purchased from Lynn the Weaver. I learned of this simple but useful item from Arachne's Blog; thanks, Arachne!

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