Friday, April 1, 2011

The Viking Bread Costume

Today, my other blog, Food Through Time, combines my interests in historic food and costume, so I searched for a similarly interesting link that combined costume with food.

Here's what I found: a Viking costume! Made from bread. Well, it's mostly made from bread. And it's not terribly historical, as Viking costumes go. And it fits in with some posts on my other blog that discussed recreating Viking bread. Gee, maybe I could make the costume featured in the link above out of a historical recreation of Viking bread! That would make it authentic, right?

No, it wouldn't. But it's still good fun, in the spirit of the day.* Enjoy!

* If you are wondering why on Earth I chose such an unusual topic, look at the date of this post.


  1. Not terribly historical! How dreadful! How appalling! How outrageous! I demand a perfectly historically accurate viking costume made out of bread! I will settle for nothing less!

  2. A historic Viking costume from bread. Hmmm. Well, I suppose you could make a long tunic and an apron dress from pita, if it were thin and tough enough (use bleached flour for the tunic, wheat or oat flour for the apron dress for color contrast). And you could bake some brooches and beads from Carolyn Priest-Dorman's barley bagel recipe--I understand they can get pretty hard! ;-)