Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Useful Reference--Rapunzel's Resource

Once more, I'd like to point out a useful resource, though it's not exactly a costuming site. It's a blog called Rapunzel's Resource, which specializes in providing tutorials for hairstyles for long hair. I consider the site a costuming resource because appropriate hairstyles are important for historic costuming. Some of the styles on the site are 18th, 19th, or early 20th century, but there are many ways to put up the hair in a bun that are appropriate for ancient Rome, and there may be others that are appropriate for other periods as well.

The author occasionally identifies a style as being appropriate for a particular period, but her main interest is to provide a how-to for lots of different styles for long hair. I recommend using the site in this way. After you research the styles that are appropriate for your period of historic costuming interest, head to Rapunzel's styles page, which features thumbnail photographs of all the styles for which she has posted tutorials to date; click on the picture to access the relevant tutorial.  Although some of her directions are a bit tricky to follow, there are videos on some of the pages which should help.  I plan on checking out some of her styles myself in the near future.

EDIT:  The author of Rapunzel's Resource has a penchant for quoting the Bible, and for including observations in her blog posts that are based on her Christian faith.  I find her advice interesting and useful despite such comments, not because of them.  If such comments bother you, don't use her site. 

SECOND EDIT: Is there a particular style you've seen in period art that you'd love to do? Send Rapunzel a picture and ask her to add it to her tutorial list! She takes requests.

THIRD EDIT:  (2/2/2020) I just attempted to visit the blog, and it's now marked "private," which means you'll have to contact the author (there's a link on the page for that purpose) and request to be allowed to view it.

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