Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lagore Crannog Band--It's Working!

On a whim, I tried to start the Lagore Crannog tablet-weaving again tonight, and this time I have made real progress, as shown in the photograph.  The key turned out to be pushing the wefts all the way back to the edge of the frame (which appears at the bottom of the photograph) and keeping my over-sized tablets shoved as far away from the weaving as possible to enlarge the shed.  The first six rows or so are obviously too loose, but they can be unraveled and fringed when I'm done, if necessary, to improve the appearance of the finished piece.  

I'm not completely sure what I will do with the piece when I do finish it, since I started it to see what kind of product the odd threading pattern would make, not to fulfill a costuming objective.  I have only threaded enough warp to make a band about two feet long.  I suppose I could use it as a headband, either for period or modern purposes.

EDIT:  I've woven about 3 inches and I'm feeling frustrated.  Not because the weaving isn't going well, but because I keep forgetting when I need to go forward and when I need to go back.  The pattern is 3 turns forward, three back, but it's hard for me to see at the end of a set whether the next turn needs to be forward or back, particularly if I get distracted.  So I keep screwing up the pattern (and seeing what the pattern is like was most of the reason why I undertook this project in the first place....)

Though it will probably be embarrassing to do so, I'll post another picture of the finished product.  At my current rate of progress, I may be ready to do that in a few days.

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