Monday, October 17, 2011

Site of the Oldest Shoe--Latest News

Last year, I wrote about an archaeological site in Armenia where archaeologists had found what they believe to be the oldest surviving shoe in Eurasia--nearly 6,000 years old.

Yesterday, I found another article about a new discovery at the same site. The new discovery consists of a woven grass skirt, well-preserved with "amazing" hues. Alas, the article contains no photographs of the find, and I have not been able to locate any so far. I'll be looking forward to future news from Areni-1 Cave, which is the name of the site, to see whether further interesting costume elements or other interesting artifacts are located.


  1. Hello, Cathy! I found a tiny picture of the artifact at - post by Voskan on Jan. 15, 2011.

  2. Thanks! You may find this article that pearl found to be of interest; it has a much larger picture of the shoe: