Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For Next Halloween....

I originally meant to blog this weekend, but an unexpected snow storm took out the cable that pumps the Internet into our house.  The result is that I did not have a home Internet connection from Saturday night until this afternoon, so instead of a serious costume post, you're about to get a slightly belated Halloween treat.

While using the Internet at work today I learned of an interesting website, Take Back Halloween. It is aimed at women who are tired of the traditional nurse/witch/vampire costumes, and would like to try dressing as legendary figures or historical persons who were genuinely interesting.  It is patently not aimed at historical costumers, for none of the suggestions involve sewing of any kind. The idea is to buy or otherwise obtain costume components that are of better quality than the typical dime-store costumes and supplement them with well-chosen accessories to create a distinctive look that is at least symbolic of the character (though most of the assertions the site makes about actual historical costume are correct, so far as I can tell). Featured characters include Ada Lovelace (thanks to Sydney Padua of 2D Goggles whose Twitter feed brought the site to my attention), Audrey Hepburn, Christine de Pizan, Queen Nzinga, and a host of goddesses, including Athena, Persephone, and Pele.

Costs range from pretty cheap to several hundred dollars.  Historical authenticity ranges from Pretty Dreadful to Surprisingly Good, Considering. So this site isn't for everyone. However, it's still a fun read and a potential source of inspiration, at least for Halloween costumes if not for something more ambitious.  Enjoy!

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