Wednesday, February 22, 2012

General Purpose Project Update

I haven't been blogging that much this month, largely because I've been laid off (indefinitely, probably permanently) from my job, and as a result my schedule has been turned upside down and shaken. 

However, that doesn't mean I've forgotten my costume-related projects, or this blog.  The Anti-Dress Diaries are on hold for a while, because they take a lot of concentration, and I don't expect to be able to concentrate that much while my life and future remain so uncertain. 

On the other hand, I have pushed forward with my wrap-around, "fitted" apron dress.  The straps and loops are all sewn, leaving me with the decision as to how large to make the skirt gores before I sew the loops and straps permanently in place.  I've decided to make the gores as large as possible, on the theory that a bit of extra fullness in the skirt would be a good thing, but too little would be a tragedy.  So nearly every remaining scrap of my dark blue linen is being cut into triangles to be sewn into two gores.  A few of the pieces actually have markings on them from my last attempt to design gores.  I can't remember what I used to make those marks, and I hope they'll wash out.  :-)  Once the gores are sewn together, and sewn into the body of the dress, all that will remain will be to sew down the straps and hem the dress.  With luck, I might be able to finish by the beginning of March--we'll have to see.

I have a few other blog posts in progress that I'd like to finish this month.  Both are about articles from Archaeological Textiles Newsletter; one about a find in Gnezdovo, and one about a find from central Asia.  Stay tuned.

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