Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Viking Brooch Tutorial

I haven't managed a lot of costume-related activity lately due to my search for a new job (and because I'm doing part-time work in the meantime).  However, I did learn about this interesting page on the Archaeology in Europe site which gives a nice, step-by-step, illustrated tutorial as to the process by which the Viking tortoise brooches were made.  I commend this beautifully done tutorial to your attention, while I attempt to get an opportunity to do some serious working, thinking, and writing, about costume.


  1. Hi! It's not really connected with Viking brooches, but maybe you'll find the article interesting: 'Early medieval textile remains from settlements in the Netherlands. An evaluation of textile production' by Chrystel R. Brandenburgh
    - some unusual caps are mentioned there, similar to the Rasquert and Leens finds described by Hanna Zimmerman in NESAT X.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I expect to enjoy the Brandenburgh article very much when I get time to spend time reading it closely.