Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Online Resource--History Unstitched

In December, a new online web magazine, History Unstitched, will officially debut. Like its sister sites, Foundations Revealed and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, History Unstitched will feature some free articles (the number of which will increase over time), but the core of its material will be subscription-only content for a monthly fee.  The difference between this site and its sister sites is the temporal range; anticipated articles will range from "antiquity to 1699" (as the home page says).

For now, one can view a number of excellent illustrated free articles on subjects such as the evolution of the French Hood, an experiment with recreations of two different surviving 16th century corsets, instructions on how to make a pair of linen drawnwork cuffs, and the recreation of Anglo-Saxon clothing.  Interested costumers can sign up for their free newsletter, which will provide information about (among other things) special offers and when new free content will be published.

I have admired photographs of the work of these authors, and their web writing about historical costume, for over a decade now, and can attest that they are well worth a historical costumer's time. 

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