Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Fitted Wrapped Apron Dress--Complete!

About a month after I thought it would be finished, I have finally managed to complete my fitted wrapped apron dress. 

During the construction, I stumbled upon several disadvantages of this construction approach.  In particular, I had trouble with the triangular gores, partly because each of my gores was a different size, and partly because my gores were actually trapezoids with narrow tops, instead of isosceles triangles, so I couldn't apply the standard wisdom about how to apply gores smoothly.  (Ultimately, I used my steam iron to batter them into submission.)  

I also overestimated how difficult it would be to take tucks around the torso area of a wrap garment.  Putting the dress on inside-out does not work, because my body is not perfectly symmetrical, and the tuck would end up on the opposite side once the wrap is donned right-side out.   So I decided not to attempt a skin-tight fit.  Instead, I took gores in places that would help smooth out the dress near the tops of the gores.

In addition, I attempted to make my back loops as short as possible. Despite lengthening them as much as my (now limited) stock of blue linen allowed, and sewing the back straps onto the very edge of the apron dress, the fit under my arms is still very snug.

On the plus side, this design does result in a lovely wide skirt and a body-skimming fit.  The dress looks best with a belt, but even unbelted my waist can be easily discerned when I'm wearing it, which is not typically the case with most of the apron dresses I've made based upon other types of designs.

There will be further observations on this project in a day or so, after I sort out my thoughts well enough to write them down, and get my husband to take a few photographs of me in the finished dress.


  1. I can't wait for the piccies!

  2. Me either! :-)

    I had my husband take some a few nights ago, but unfortunately as he was coming out of his office to do so, our cat walked in front of him and tripped him. In his efforts to avoid smashing into her as he fell, he banged his knee rather badly. He took some pictures, but they're not full length and don't show the dress very well. Hopefully, in a few days we'll be able to try again and I can write my post. Thanks for the enthusiasm!