Monday, March 4, 2013

New Baltic Calendar

There is a new historical costume calendar on sale at You can see a picture of the cover here. It is a 24-month calendar for 2013-2014 and is titled, "Curonian Costumes of the 1st to 14th Centuries." Like the other two calendars published to date by the Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre, it sells for $25.00 USD; charges $3.95 USD for shipping to locations in the continental US.

Because of my limited budget (and because I already have the folk-costume calendar published by the Folk Culture Centre for 2012-2013), I probably won't be buying this calendar this year, but the cover picture alone convinces me that it contains useful information (and gorgeous, full-color pictures of reproduced costumes). Hopefully I will be able to afford a copy in time for 2014. EDIT: (4/10/2014) I'm a right idiot. I *have* this calendar. I don't know what made me think it was a different one. Sadly, I discovered this by ordering it and opening the box when it arrived today. Nothing like stress to make one stupid. :-(

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  1. The Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre sells this calendar for 25 LTL (1 USD = 2.5-2.6 LTL)...