Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing For Byzantium: Starting the Himation

Fabric for tunic and trim
Tonight, I finally started making the himation, or overtunic, for my Middle Byzantine costume.  It will be a much simpler garment than the shirt, because it will have only a simple round neck with a long slit, and no collar.

I ripped a piece that will be the right size for the body and confirmed that I have enough remaining for gores and sleeves.  I have also torn strips of my remaining dark blue linen from the fitted wrapped apron dress project that I will piece together to form the basic trim.  The photograph below gives an idea of how the green linen that I'm using for the tunic itself will look with the dark blue.  [I can't seem to download the photograph tonight, so I'll have to add it to this post tomorrow.]

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the purchased trim I was planning to use on top of the dark blue strips, but because I will be sewing the tunic by hand I should have plenty of time to look for it.

EDIT: (7/2/2013) I have just succeeded in downloading my photograph from the other night (using my Nexus 7, not my desktop machine).  Here it is.  The fabric colors are a bit deeper and richer in reality.


  1. Er, what photo? None appears here, in Firefox or Chrome.

  2. Look at the bracketed text; I couldn't manage to download it last night, so I'll have to add it later!