Friday, October 18, 2013

Himation Update

If I'm going to complete my himation (an ankle-length tunic, discussed in earlier posts) for the Historical Sew Fortnightly "Colour Challenge Green," it has to be done by Monday, October 21. Although I'm making good progress, I don't think I'll finish that quickly.  

At this point, I've sewn the basic seams that fasten the sleeves to the body piece, and have one of the two side gores sewn onto the body piece on one side.  To complete the basic construction, I need to sew the gore that's already attached to the other side of the body piece, sew in the second gore, and close up the sleeves.  However, I have not yet cut the neckline, let alone trimmed it or added a bead and loop to close it; I'll probably do that before I sew the other side of the first gore, because until I do that the work-in-progress is still a flat piece of cloth, and it's easier to work on the neckline while the garment is still a flat piece. Then, after the neckline is completed and the body and sleeves are closed up, I'll need to finish the seams inside and hem it.  

I still haven't decided whether to add any of my store-bought trim to the top of the blue linen strips (actually, I still have to find it).  

Unless I spend all of my available time between now and Monday on sewing, I won't finish in time for Colour Challenge Green.  However, the "Generosity and Gratitude" (i.e., gratitude for on-line resources you have used) challenge, due November 18, is very realistic.  I expect to finish well before then, and will have photographs of the himation and the completed Middle Byzantine outfit.

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