Saturday, June 7, 2014

A New Companion

Here you can see his eyes!
Since I broke my own rule to introduce all of my readers to Sugar, my former feline companion who passed on about six weeks ago, I feel that I should show you her successor:  Gorgonzola!  (Zola for short.)

Awake, but distracted by the camera flash.
Like Sugar, Gorgonzola came to us ready-named.  We adopted him from a local rescue mission.  He is approximately 2 years old--close to the age that Sugar was when we adopted her. Like Sugar, Zola is dignified, friendly to people, and not much of a jumper.  I have some better photographs of him, but those don't show his face very well, and thus don't give as good an impression of his character.  I picked him because he purred, non-stop, the very first time I met him, and petted him.  (He didn't purr for Eric, my husband, though he was just as friendly to him otherwise.)  What better indication could I require that this cat wanted to be with me?

Since we brought him home, he has decided that he likes Eric too, and has purred at both of us, in between bouts of wandering around, exploring his new home.

Here are the obligatory photographs of my new cat companion, before I return you to our regularly scheduled costuming issues. (Excuse the lack of vacuuming!)