Sunday, August 31, 2014

HSF Challenge # 20--Fabrics

Ribbon for the stel*
For the dhwef*
After trawling the Internet for an hour or two, I finally came up with a combination of fabrics I like for my science fictional costume for HSF #20.  The fabrics I'm planning to order are pictured  below and to the left. They were chosen to flatter my hair color and skin tone while being consistent with the subtle tastes of the alternate human species, the ler, described in M.A. Foster's novels.

For the stel*
For the stel (i.e., the blouse), I've chosen a rayon jersey in a lovely shade called "yellow orange mango."  Instead of stitching the shoulders together as in the Deco Echo blouse design, I plan to sew ribbons on all four corners at the neckline so that it ties on each shoulder. The ribbon pictured here, from an EBay vendor, harmonizes well with the mango jersey.

For the dhwef (the long loincloth), I found a thin cotton from India that is only 44 inches wide.  My thought now is not to cut it, but to use 2 yards of the entire width of the fabric, only hemming the ends, and folding the center portion so the entire fabric width is narrow enough to pass over my crotch. That way, the piece will still be more than full enough to flow around my feet as I walk, without cutting or shaping. The design, a modest pattern evocative of the shape of the vulva, is perfect for the type of sexual reference one might expect from one of M.A. Foster's ler.
My bead belt

I am not home right now, or I would find and photograph the bead belt I plan to use to hold the loincloth.  I made the belt for my recreation of the "Princess of Zweeloo's" costume (based upon a 5th century CE archaeological find).  Because it uses mostly wooden beads instead of glass ones, it's probably better suited for my science fiction costume.  I will add a picture of the belt to this post later.

EDIT [9/14/2014]:  Added a photograph of my bead belt.

*  All photographs from the sites of their respective vendors. The yellow orange mango jersey comes from StylishFabric on Etsy; the cotton print comes from theDelhiStore on Etsy; and the ribbon from Cheswick-and-Company on EBay.

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