Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Motherlode of Penelope Walton Rogers's Research

I learned from a friend of mine a few days ago that a number of the works of Penelope Walton Rogers, who has done much research on Anglo-Saxon and Viking era costuming, has been made available for free download from Pangur Press, the publishing arm of her business, The Anglo-Saxon Laboratory.

The downloads are available here.  They include a number of older books and articles that are out-of-print and hard to find; some of them are available for free nowhere else, so far as I know.   The more desirable ones, to me, are the following:
  • Walton Rogers, P., (2006), Costume in the Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Saltwood, Kent. This work consists of three parts, all of which are downloadable on the Pangur Press site.  One is about costume accessories, one is about women's and men's costumes, and the other is about a weaving tool found at the site and includes a bibliography for all three parts of the work.
  • Walton Rogers, P., (1999), 'Identification of dye on Middle Saxon pottery from Christ Church College', Canterbury's Archaeology 1996-1997 (21st Annual Report of Canterbury Archaeological Trust), 36.  About one-paragraph describing an interesting find of interest to dyers.
  • Walton, P., (1988), ‘Dyes of the Viking Age: a summary of recent work’, Dyes in History and Archaeology 7, 14-20.  A reader of this blog asked me if I knew where to find a copy of this article a little while ago.  Now, I do!  


  1. This was interesting. Penelope Walton is my aunt :)

    1. Hi, Tim! Welcome to my blog. Now you can tell your aunt that there are some historical costume enthusiasts who are really interested in her research.