Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brooch for Sale!

Last weekend, I drove to Michigan with my husband to attend a science fiction convention. While I was at the convention, while digging around in the tote bag I took along to hold personal items I wanted to be able to grab quickly, I found a surprising item. This item:

A very familiar looking brooch (size is 2 3/4" by 1 1/4", or 7.1 cm by 3.3 cm)
This brooch is, as best I can tell, a reproduction of one of the brooches found at Norre Sandergard Vest; a 7th-8th century Danish grave site (though I keep forgetting that the site is Danish, for some reason, so I keep referring to the project I've based upon the find as "Norwegian"). It's sold by Raymond's Quiet Press, a site that sells inexpensive copies of bronze items but doesn't try to provide provenance information for the copies. Regular readers might recall this style of brooch as the brooch which formed the foundation of my "happy frob"

The problem is that this is not the same brooch I added beads to in order to make my "happy frob".  It's another copy, also from Raymond's Quiet Press, which I'd apparently I'd forgotten I already had when I ordered the brooch for the happy frob.  In other words, I now have two copies of this brooch; the one in my "happy frob", and this spare.  That was the surprise.

Since I don't need a second copy of this brooch (and there is another brooch I'd like to buy from Raymond for a different costume project), I've decided to make it available to an interested reader of my blog.

Raymond's Quiet Press sells this brooch now for $21.95 USD (it's item no. Z-15) plus $7.00 USD shipping within the continental U.S.  But the price used to be lower, and I probably bought the brooch at the lower price, though I can't recall when I might have done so.  However, I'm not looking to make a profit on the spare brooch; I just want to get a bit of my money back, and give it a good home.

What I propose:  I will sell this brooch to the first interested person who contacts me, either via commenting on this post or otherwise, for $10.00 USD plus whatever the shipping costs are to that person's home (and I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world once I figure out how).  I will get an estimate of shipping costs after interest is expressed and before anyone commits.  I'd prefer payment by Paypal or Paymate, but something else can be worked out if necessary.

Shipping outside the U.S. farther than to Canada or Mexico probably will cost more than $10.00, so you'll have to decide whether the total cost still makes buying my brooch worth your while.  E-mail me at cathy at thyrsus dot com if you are interested.

EDIT:  (5/3/2015)  Someone has taken me up on my offer; I am sending the brooch out to her tomorrow.  


  1. I would be interested. I'm in the US.

    1. Great! I will go to the Post Office no later than Monday (hopefully I can make it tomorrow) and find out what sending it to you will cost. Send me your address by e-mail to cathy at thyrsus dot com and we'll work out details. Thanks!