Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Opportunity!

As I mentioned before, the spare brooch I offered a few weeks ago to the first interested reader of this blog is not the only duplicate item I have that might be of interest of readers of this blog.  Here's another one:

As some of my readers may be aware, books in Osprey's various military history series vary a lot in quality, both in terms of the clarity of the writing and  the depth and documentation of the information provided. This one is better than average.   It has a lot of good, clear photographs of period art (i.e., frescos, pottery remains) showing military figures in action, and some photographs of surviving weaponry and armor remains, in addition to Osprey's famous artwork depicting reconstructed figures.  In fact, as one of the reviewers of the book on noted, the book concentrates more on clothing, armor, and weaponry than on period battles, fighting and tactics.  If period clothing, armor and weaponry are among your interests (and if you're reading this, likely they are), you may want this book.  It's in brand new condition.  If you would like more information about the book, please check out this page on Osprey's web site.  (There is a "look inside" link on the page which for some reason was not working for me; this Amazon page provides views of the table of contents and quite a few other pages, including pages with illustrations, inside the book.)

Bronze Age Greek Warrior currently retails for $18.95 USD/£11.99.  I'm certain I paid less (I bought it on EBay, and the only reason I would do that with a book in print would have been to get a bargain), but I cannot find the original item write-up on EBay and the packing slip does not state the price I paid.  Moreover, Paypal doesn't keep records far enough back for me to locate the payment record that way.

So I will handle this item the same way I handled the brooch, i.e., by setting a price low enough to make this a reasonable purchase even if I end up sending it halfway around the world.   I will send the book to the first person who contacts me (via comments or otherwise) who is willing to pay $12.00 USD plus shipping by book rate (or the equivalent, if such a rate is applicable in shipping to the buyer's address).  My e-mail address is cathy at thyrsus dot com.

EDIT:  (5/26/2015)  I have an interested party for the book.

EDIT:  (6/4/2015)  I've learned tonight that the person who bought it has just received it.  

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