Monday, November 30, 2015

A Few Good Links

Though there are several long blog posts I'm working on, I have not succeeded in getting them close enough to completion before the end of November.  So in lieu of my own content, here are a few links to interesting free resources.
  • A complete PDF copy of the book Things from the Town, which describes and discusses the artifacts discovered at the Kaupang site from 1998–2003. It is available for free download from the University of Oslo's website, here.  The permanent link to the free download page can be found here.  I've scanned the contents and there appear to be plenty of jewelry finds, though no textile finds, discussed in the book.
  • Back in 2010, I posted a link to a paper by Susanne Thedéen called "Immortal Maidens: The Visual Significance of the Colour White in Girls’ Graves on Viking-Age Gotland. I just learned that the entire volume in which it appears, called Making Sense of Things: Archaeologies of Sensory Perception, Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 53 (2010), can be downloaded here. Though only the "Immortal Maidens" paper appears to have any bearing upon costume, the rest of the papers look interesting and, I suspect, are very much worth reading.
  • A paper by Barbara Yorke called "'‘The Weight of Necklaces’: some insights into wearing of women’s jewellery from Middle Saxon written sources", which concludes, among other things, that the wearing of jewelry by nuns in England vastly predates Chaucer.  The paper can be found here
I'm hoping that December will be a month in which I can work on more costume-related projects and more reading about historic costume.  

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