Sunday, December 13, 2015

HSM #12--Re-Do

Now it's December, and the final challenge of this year's Historical Sew Monthly is upon us.  The challenge theme is "Re-do", and the challengers can undertake any one of the previous 11 challenges, and do it again.

I've decided to go back to Challenge #6 ("Out of Your Comfort Zone")--and try to complete the sprang cap I wanted to make back in April. Sprang is an ancient textile art that was used by the Viking era Scandinavians, among others, and I'm hoping that completing this project will at least teach me the rudiments of the technique.  This item also qualifies as a re-do of Challenge #7 (Accessories), so I can "re-do" two challenges in the same project!  Assuming, of course, I manage to carve out enough time before the end of the year to work on it!

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