Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Even More "One Afternoon Tutorials"

Here is another assortment of "one afternoon tutorials."   I'm posting them now because I noticed, after I'd written most of this post, that this set consists primarily of aprons, caps, and other items that arguably protect either bodies or clothes.  Since the March Challenge for the Historical Sew Monthly, has the theme "Protection", now is the perfect time to share these how-tos.
  • How to make a D-shaped Medieval veil, by Elina of Neulakko.
  • late Medieval double apron by Edyth Miller at The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist.
  • Information on how to make and wear a strophium (a simple breast supporting undergarment used in ancient Rome, and possibly also in the early Middle Ages) by fru Þora Sumarliðadóttir of More Than Cod
  • A free partlet pattern, with instructions, and instructions for making a lower-class Elizabethan apron and neckcloth, can be downloaded here, courtesy of Margo Anderson.
  • An entire web page of variations and instructions for making different 18th century caps, courtesy of Sue Felshin; the page can be accessed here.  
  • How to sew a simple 18th century style shift, by Rebecca Wiese; the tutorial page is here
  • How to make a fichu collar for a late Victorian bustle gown, courtesy of A Frolic Through Time; the tutorial may be found here
If hand-sewn, Edyth's apron and Rebecca's shift might take longer than an afternoon to complete if the maker is not accustomed to lots of hand sewing.  Perhaps these projects should be reserved for a long, summer afternoon, or even sewn by machine if completing the item quickly is essential.  The rest of the projects here should be easily completable by even an inexperienced maker in an afternoon.  Try them out, and have fun!

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