Monday, February 6, 2017

An ATR Bonanza

Hardcore fans of archaeological reports relating to textile and costume knowledge have long known about the Archaeological Textiles Review (formerly known as the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter).  ATR is a wonderful source of information on archaeological finds that have not yet been fully published in more conventional professional journals.

ATR is published as an annual volume of about news magazine length; a one-year subscription costs 20 Euros.  Several years ago, ATR announced a policy of making old issues available for free download on their website, and issues 46 through 57 were previously available on this basis.

Last night, I discovered that ALL of the issues of ATR, except for Issue No. 58 (the current issue) are now available for free download.  Because of the way the site's HTML is structured, it is necessary to go to the general ATR page here and click the "Download issue" link to find the download page.  If you don't want to download more than 50 different PDFs without having any idea of their contents, the link to "Issues" is a listing of the titles of all the articles in all the back issues of ATN/ATR, making it possible to narrow down one's list of desirable issues.

I am really looking forward to tracking down articles in old issues that had previously been unavailable. To my readers, most of whom probably are also interested in ATR's subject matter, enjoy!