Saturday, April 1, 2017

Secrets of the Historical Costumers Revealed!

Here is the perfect costuming post for a day like today (note today's date). 

Most costumers have cats, and blog about them. But this isn't just a costumer's cat, it's a costuming cat! Or at least a sewing cat. (She's so intense! I want to pet her gently and say, "It's okay! Take your time. It will come out all right!") 

This GIF is even historical, in a sense, because the cat is clearly not using an electric sewing machine; so her project must have been done no later than the early 20th century. Though how she is cranking the machine is beyond me. Cats can't work foot pedals, and she's got both front paws on the fabric!  (Maybe it is an electric machine, designed to look as though it has a wheel operated by a pedal. Or maybe the hand crank or pedal is located below the working surface and is being operated by a person who can't be seen in the animation.) 

Many thanks to P. Jennifer Christie, who spotted this GIF and posted it on Facebook, where I saw it. Happy April Fool's Day!

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