Friday, May 19, 2017


For those of us interested in early European textiles, it's exciting to review the program of the thirteenth North European Symposium on Archaeological Textiles ("NESAT XIII") which starts on Monday, May 22 in Liberec, Czech Republic.

The conference schedule may be found here and there appear to be even more presentations than usual for scholars interested in pre-medieval clothing and textiles.  Here are just a few that excite me:
S. Harris – A. Jones:  Beautiful things: textiles from an Early Bronze Age cremation, Whitehorse Hill, England.
U. Mannering – I. Skals:  Textile News from Bornholm in Denmark. Recently excavated textiles from a well-known Late Iron Age cemetery.
F. Pritchard: Twill weaves from Viking-age Dublin.
E. Wincott Heckett: Textiles from the Viking Warrior Grave, Woodstown Co., Waterford, Ireland.
K. Vajanto--M. Pasanen: Dyes and Dyeing Methods used in Finland 1000 Years Ago.
K. Kania: To Spin a Good Yarn--Spinning Techniques with Hand Spindles.
I. Demant: Making a dress of an Iron Age woman--the results of experimental archaeology used in praxis.
At least I have time to save my money for the published conference report when it comes out in a few years!


  1. I will be there, looking forward to Liberec!!! :-)

    1. And as I'm living in Rheinland-Pfalz I'm especially looking forward to:
      S. Möller-Wiering: Early Medieval Finds from Rheinland-Pfalz. With Notes on a Technological “Anachronism”

  2. Hi, Marled! Sorry I missed these poses when you made them! How was NESAT XIII? Which presentations excited you the most (other than S. Möller-Wiering's which you mentioned)?

  3. NESAT was a great conference, I really enjoyed it. They said at the conference that the proceedings would be out by the end of the year, due to the money needing to be spent by then.
    I liked all of the ppresentations you listed except Wincott's, but maybe the paper will be better.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Marion! What was your issue with Elizabeth Wincott Heckett's presentation?