Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Midsummer Crop of Short Tutorials

Because it's been a while since I published links to short tutorials, today seemed a good time for a new collection of them.  Although I can't say for certain that all of these qualify as "one-afternoon" projects, none of them should take weeks or months to complete, even for a beginner.
  • From Kristine Risberg at the Náttmál blog comes this detailed tutorial on how to make your own wooden-handled Hedeby type bag (see this post of mine from a few days ago).
  • If your interests run more to the Italian Renaissance, here's a post from Lady Ydeneya de Baillencourt with instructions on how to make a simple partlet.  I have posted other partlet tutorials in the recent past, but this one is even simpler and thus more versatile in application.
  • Here is a tutorial on how to make a fontange, a late 17th century lace cap. It is without illustrations, and the author admits that she had to "wing it" because she could find little useful material on fontange construction, but it may be amusing to see whether one can improve on her effort.  A fontange might well qualify as a "ridiculous" fashion for the Historical Sew Monthly's August theme.  
  • Finally, here is a tutorial on how to make this hood, referred to as a London hood, based upon a late 14th century CE find from London, England. nbsp;
Have fun!

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