Sunday, February 25, 2018

Me and the HSM

I really like some of this year's Historical Sew Monthly challenges.  I've had a slow start this year (i.e., it's February and I haven't made anything yet), but there are quite a few themes on this year's list that I can imagine doing, and would like to do since I haven't done any historical sewing in too long.  Here's a sample of some of the projects that fit into this year's HSM monthly themes and where they might fit.

A Viking Age Bag.  My latest project--making my own Hedeby bag using an inexpensive pair of wooden frames found on Etsy.
Works for:  April:  Buttons and Fastenings: "Create an item where the closures are the star of the show.".  (Thank you, Stella, for pointing out that the bag's unique closure works for this challenge!)
Works for:  November:  Purses and Bags:  You've got your arms covered in July, your hands in September, now make something amazing to dangle from them!

Køstrup Apron Dress.  Another recent idea:  Make my own pleated-front apron dress to try to work out how the tablet-woven band on the Køstrup apron dress may have been sewn onto the dress.
Works for:  August:  Extant Originals:  "Copy an extant historical garment as closely as possible."
Works for:  October:  Fabric Manipulation:  "Take fabric to the next level with any kind of historical embellishment or manipulation:  smocking, shirring, embroidering, beading, pinking, ruching, printing, painting, dyeing, etc."

The Völva Shift.  The long, wool dress that is to be the underlayer and foundation of my long planned but barely started völva costume.
Works for:  February:  Under:  "Make something that goes under the other layers."
Works for:  March:  Comfort at Home: " Make something to wear around the (historical) house."

The Völva Cloak. The long, wool cloak that will be the most conspicuous part of the volva costume.
Works for:  April: Buttons and Fastenings:  Description below. As I've said before, I believe the völva's cloak fastened with long ties or straps, which were a prestige item on cloaks in late Viking Age Northern Europe.

Embroidery for the neckline and cuffs of my Byzantine Tunic.
Works for:  October:  Fabric Manipulation:  Description above.

Nalbinded Mittens or Socks.
Works for:  September:  Hands and Feet.  Create a fabulous accessory for your hands or feet.

And, of course, anything I don't manage to do earlier can be presented for December:  Neglected Challenge!   (E.g., Any challenge from this year's HSM, or any HSM or Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges that never got completed!)

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