Thursday, August 30, 2018

Getting Dressed in the 14th Century

This week, I found a fascinating pair of videos on YouTube, meant to illustrate how Europeans from all walks of life would have gotten dressed, and what they would have worn, in the 14th century.  They are fascinating because they show not only the items of clothing that would have been worn, and how they were put on, but also plausible reconstructions of where they would have hung, or been laid, overnight while the wearer was sleeping.  

The video embedded on the left shows Piers the Ploughman.  A second video shows two working women, dressing and helping each other dress, here.  Both are based upon images found in the Luttrell Psalter, a 14th century illuminated book of prayers originally commissioned and owned by  Sir Geoffrey Luttrell; it now resides in the British Library in London.  The channel in question, CrowsEye Productions, has "getting dressed" videos for other eras as well, including World War I and the 18th century.  The Luttrell Psalter is especially useful to show everyday life in the 14th century, because many of the images therein do just that; they show scenes from life on a manor like Sir Geoffrey's manor in Lincolnshire. Another reason why the Luttrell Psalter is an especially appropriate series of images for CrowsEye to bring to life is that CrowsEye Productions is based in Lincolnshire!

CrowsEye has made vidoes showing folk getting dressed in other periods, namely, the 18th century and World War I.  Their Patreon page states that their ultimate plan is to make videos showing people getting dressed from many different periods of English history, from the Viking era to World War II, but they are seeking suggestions as to which period to tackle next.   Anyone who has followed my blog will easily guess that it's Vikings I'd like to see next!

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