Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Lambskin Hood--Not Yet Ready for the Lambskin!

Last night, I spent some time attempting to modify my pattern for the völva's  black lambskin hood.  I don't really want to order the lambskin until I have a much better idea exactly how big a skin I'm going to need, and whether my white faux fur is large enough for the hood lining.  

It turns out that part of the charm of my generic medieval hood, the red-and-black reversible hood I'm using as the basis for my pattern, is that it's oversized all over.  The hood is at least 3 inches too long for me, which is what gives it its appealing drape.  

However, I never wanted the völva's hood to have the same exact shape as my old hood.  In my opinion, the völva's hood should be not be square like the Skoldehamn hood, or tailed like a later medieval hood, but should follow the curve of the head, like the Coppergate cap does.  But when I pinned the top of my existing hood to create that curved shape, I discovered that, suddenly, the back cape area looked baggy, misshapen, and unattractive.  

Now I think that what I need to do is to make a full mock-up of the hood in scrap fabric, so that I can repin and recut the pieces until the result assumes the shape that I want.  Then I can disassemble the mock-up, use the pieces to cut and sew the völva's hood lining, and order the black lambskin for the outside of the hood to complete the outside of the hood.

In the meantime, once I finish a few necessary tasks, maybe I can return to the mittens, or start the völva's white tunic.  At least I know how to cut and sew a suitable long tunic.  

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