Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Resolutions--The Historical Sew Fortnightly

Happy New Year, everybody!

December 2018 kind of got away from me.  By the time I had time to work on one of my projects, I was out of motivation to do so.

But this is a New Year, and with it, a new set of Historical Sew Monthly challenges!  To see them, click on the "Historical Sew Monthly 2019" image on the top left corner of my blog, or go here

Some of this year's challenges have me totally stumped, while others give me scope for finally finishing so many different projects that I'm not sure where to start.  Here's some examples based on my thinking so far.

March:  Sewing Kit.  I could use my tablet weaving loom and tablets, I suppose.  But I'd rather stretch the definition of "sewing kit" another way, by finally making the copper needlecase I've been thinking about trying for so many years now.

April:  Upping your game.  That sprang hood project still chides me, from the depths of my closet.  

June:  Favourite Technique.   Almost any of my Viking age sewing projects would fit here, because my favorite technique is whipstitch, and all of my handsewing involves whipstitch in abundance.  Maybe this is when I finish my white wool tunic (for the völva and Vendel outfits).

September: Everyday.  The white wool tunic works again here.  Also the peplos I want to make for my Vendel outfit.

October:  Details.  The Kostrup apron dress comes to mind, because the details of how the dress is pleated and how the bit of tablet weaving is attached are what inspired the project in the first place.

November:  Above the Belt.  Several orphaned projects work here, because they involve headwear.  They include the catskin hood, the D-shaped veil, and the sprang hood for that matter.  If I'm lucky and well-organized, maybe I can finish all three in November.  Or by November.  Hopefully November 2019.

December:  On A Shoestring.  This challenge appeals to me, because money remains a bit tight here.  But I'm having trouble thinking of a project I can start anew and finish cheaply, especially if one is to count the original cost of my stash materials.  Maybe something in the Linens (February) category?  I need to think about this one. 

Any ideas?  Please feel free to pass them on in the comments!


  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    Yeah, 2018 kind of got away on me too. It's hard to find energy sometimes at that end of the year. Your project options here are very exciting, and I'd love to see what you do with the sprang hood.

    1. Good to hear from you, Stella! Happy New Year.

      I hope I can muster the ambition to complete SOMETHING, at least, in 2019, though I'm afraid I'm not betting on the sprang hood. :-(

    2. It's certainly an ambitious project, but I have every confidence in your ability to achieve a great result. I know how it is though, there's never enough time and so many other things to be done.