Sunday, March 3, 2019

Style is Eternal

Today I found an article on the blog My Modern Met featuring an article about an ancient Roman shoe that is on display at the Saalburg, a museum and archaeological park located at the Saalburg Pass in the Taunus Mountains, near the site of an ancient fort built by the Romans.

The shoe itself is a delight, full of lacey punchwork.  It ties on across the top of the foot, near the point where the foot would join the leg, and has a large round opening on the top of the instep.  The photograph featured with the article was originally posted by u/Mictlantecuhtli on Reddit. The article suggests that its thick sole and fancy design indicate that it was a shoe made to be worn outside the home by a woman.  I wonder what the original color of the shoe was.

Enjoy the picture while I get back on track with my current costuming projects!


  1. Ooo, thanks for the link! I love it when we get some actual ancient textiles to look at, and I'm always especially interested in the Roman stuff. (Particularly the non-military stuff.)

    1. You're welcome! Unfortunately there are so few period surviving textiles from Italy itself, though there may be more than I know of because I don't read Italian and often Italian archaeological reports don't get put on line. It's sort of ironic that although this find is Roman era, it was located in Germany. :-(