Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Royal Schiaparelli

Recently I found the video to the left, which talks about the discovery of a 1939 Schiaparelli gown worn by Princess Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester.  Princess Alice was the wife of Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester, who was the third son of George V of England and Queen Mary.  

The video points out a number of unusual elements of this gown (including the use of plastic imitation pearls in the embroidery and a very early plastic zipper) and includes a photograph depicting the gown in wear by Princess Alice.  It's short (about 3 minutes and 30 seconds) and a must-watch if you are interested in clothing of the 1930s.

Readers of this blog who are curious about Princess Alice may enjoy this article, which gives some background about her life.  You can find out more about her life from Wikipedia, here

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