Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Enigmatic Beauty

Last week I learned, through a short note from Professor Beatrix Nutz relating to an article of hers that I had just downloaded from, that she has also published an article about a set of textile finds from Lengberg Castle that, though originally thought to be part of a bra-type undergarment, are actually the remains of a headcovering with a section of sprang in it.

The article can be downloaded from here (free account required). It's called "Enigmatic Beauty:  The Decorative Headwear of Lengberg Castle," and Professor Nutz, Rachel Case, and Carol James are listed as authors.  Curiously, similar types of headwear are shown on men as well as women in period art, suggesting that this type of headcovering was a symbol of a particular status.

It's an article well worth reading by anyone with an interest in late medieval clothing, particularly German and Austrian late medieval clothing.

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