Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The D-Shaped Veil--Sewing the Curved Edge

Tonight I am working on sewing one of the curved parts of the D on my D-shaped veil,  There has been surprisingly little trouble (though it's getting harder to keep the hem smooth as I'm reaching the most curved part, and I don't mean to imply that i am doing a flawless job).  Part of that may be that the curve is relatively slight, and the hem very narrow.  

But I'm also finding that I'm able to deal with making (slight) changes in the width of the hem because the fabric is quite stretchy--stretchy enough to make me wonder whether the fabric is actually a wool blend, rather than 100% wool.  (Alison?  Can you enlighten me about that?)  In any event, the hem is coming out quite well, and I should easily be able to finish before the end of the month.  

On a related note, it has occurred to me l that I need to think about how to wear the finished veil so that it won't simply slide off of my head.  My hair is long enough to braid, though rather thin; possibly putting it into two braids and fastening them so that I can pin the veil into them on either side of my head would suffice.  In addition, I own a gauze wimple, which would be an ideal companion for this veil, except for the fact that it's beige, a color that in my opinion doesn't harmonize with pale gray.  Finally, I have an ornamental headband that I made from a pouch with a Viking-esque piece of brocaded trim on it.  When I finish the veil, my photographs will probably experiment with some or all of these ideas.

I came across yet another approach the other day.  The embedded video by Edyth Miller of The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist demonstrates that it's possible to wear a veil by simply pinning it to itself, in strategically located areas.  I like this idea most of all because it doesn't require any other headwear to implement--just a few pins.  Although Edyth notes in the video that her approach cannot be documented, it would be surprising if no woman had tried it and used it, in light of the many centuries during which women wore veils daily in Europe.

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