Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Making a Wimple

Having decided that I wanted to make a wimple, I became curious about what we know about wimple construction in the Middle Ages. 

A quick Internet search suggests that the answer is "not much." Although my favorite wimple technique is to sew a tube big enough to frame my face and just a bit longer than the distance between my chin and the middle of my breastbone, I suspect that the medieval approach was simply to pin a band of cloth, or even another veil, around one's face and chin, as suggested by the De Caversham Household site, here

Modern costuming approaches seem to engineer the construction based upon the desired final appearance of the veil-wimple combination.  For example, this version is a modified version of my tube-shaped wimple, made wider and with a curved edge at the bottom for a wider, more drapey appearance.  This one (the page in German, but it has illustrations and the text is easily translatable via Google Translate) uses a long piece of cloth that is pointed on one end, but can be wrapped and tied around the head in a manner suggesting a turban/veil/wimple combination.

I think that I will sew a simple tube again, since that will be simple and quick to do, will not require a pattern, and will work with other veils that I have.

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