Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Lego Fashion

Lego blocks isolated on the white background

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This post is the opposite of your normal April Fool's Day post, which usually attempts to make a hoax sound as though it's a real event.  This post is about something that sounds as though it should be a hoax, but isn't--namely, making dresses out of plastic Lego blocks.

At Comic Con back in 2016, Star Wars voice artist Ashley Eckstein wore a gown made from Legos. Pictures of Ashley wearing the Lego gown may be seen here, while workshop photos of Ashley's gown may be seen here.  The small 2 x 2 Lego blocks seem to have been preferred for the creation Ashley is wearing. 

If you think a Lego dress would be impossibly heavy to wear, think again. This CNet article describes the construction of a plain black Lego gown, made with 12,000 Lego pieces, that weighed only 7 pounds. Ordinary day wear in the late Victorian era often was much heavier.  

Finally, has a tutorial on how to make your own Lego dress. The tutorial only makes a dress with a Lego-covered panel--not a dress that is completely covered with Legos. It may still be worth looking into if you like the idea of Lego Fashion. 

Happy April Fool's Day!

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