Saturday, April 17, 2021

Follow-Up on Hestnes Burial

A few weeks ago, I wrote a brief post about an unusual recent archaeological find at Hestnes, which is located in central Norway.  That post can be read here.  

Today, on Alexandra Makin's textile blog I discovered a link to a video about a textile specimen from the Hestnes find.  The video can be found on the NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet's Facebook page, here.

NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet, i.e., the NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, is located in Trondheim, Norway, and the video is in Norwegian.  However, the visuals themselves are instructive; they include a schematic showing various items in the woman's grave at Hestnes.  Judging from the video, the specimen in question was found on a tortoise brooch.  There are also images of textile bits from the grave, some of which appear, even to my unpracticed eyes, to bear traces of long stitches in different colors.  

I commend the video to your attention, even if you don't understand Norwegian.  You may be certain that i will be on the lookout for additional information about this find.  If any of my readers see any articles with additional information on textiles from Hestnes, please let me know!

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