Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Another Regency Dress with a Net Overlay

From Kate Strasdin's Instagram account comes three lovely photographs of a Regency gown with a lovely coordinating net jacket or overlay.  The outfit shown on Kate's Instagram account is in the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.  You can see the photographs here (click the arrow on the right side to see the other photos, or swipe left to see them if you're viewing the Instagram account on a tablet or smartphone). 

Not too long ago, Stella, of Historical Living with Hvitr, showed off a similar netted creation in blue here.  It's a marvelous fashion that I had not known about before I saw Stella's post back in 2018, and if I had the time or patience to do the netting, I'd make one for myself too and worry about where I could wear it later!  

If any of my readers know of any other instances of this style, please let me know in the comments (with a link to the image, if possible).

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