Monday, September 6, 2021

Pssst! Want to buy a copy of NESAT XII?

The North European Symposium on Archaeological Textiles, or "NESAT", is a symposium that is held about every three years.  Each NESAT has produced a symposium volume of papers on archaeological finds relating to textiles and costume that are eagerly sought after by people, like me, who are interested in the history of costume (especially early period European costume).  But the print runs are small, and the volumes remaining after the conference participants have received their copies tend to be expensive.

When I was making a lot more money, the expense was not as much of a problem.  But now I find the typical $70 USD price of the newer NESAT volumes prohibitive.  My collection of NESAT volumes ends with NESAT XI.  I have not been able to purchase NESAT XII and NESAT XIII, which were published after NESAT XI came out in 2013.

Recently, I began looking for the NESAT volumes I lacked at reduced prices.   To my dismay, I could not find a seller of NESAT XII that had the volume in stock for any price.  So I checked the webpage of the publisher of NESAT XII, Archaeolingua. Archaeolingua is based in Budapest, and all transactions in its webshop must be made in either Hungarian forints or Euros, but I figured if anyone would still have the book available, it would be them.

To my surprise, I was able to obtain a copy for 20 Euros (a bit less than $24 USD)!  The copy was an e-book, of course (a PDF, to be exact), but that was an advantage, since I was able to download it immediately as soon as my payment (via credit card) was accepted.  

NOTE:  I was not able to find the book's page via the search function, but if you choose the category "Archaeolingua Series Maior" you can page through the four pages worth of books to find it.  Be aware that the site can be balky.

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